The Algoma Sanitary District provides water and sewer services to homes and businesses in the Town of Algoma, Town of Omro and portions of the City of Oshkosh. We are responsible for operating and maintaining the water distribution and sewer collection systems, including wells, reservoirs and pumping stations. The Algoma Sanitary District handles customer needs, addresses concerns, and quickly responds to and resolves any emergencies related to your water and sewer service.

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Algoma Water Utility's Wholesale Water Proposal

A Cost Effective Alternative for the City of Omro

The City of Omro has been proposing numerous water utility projects to address their current source water deficiencies. The Algoma Water Utility recently sent the City of Omro a cost effective alternative proposal, inviting the City to collaborate with us and become our wholesale drinking water customer.

The Algoma Water Utility proposal is to sell the City of Omro a daily volume of 100,000 gallons of safe drinking water. This would improve our use of available capacity from 47% up to 77%. Most importantly to our current customers in Town of Omro and Town of Algoma, this would increase our economy of scale, thereby passing along cost savings of up to $57 annually per connection.

By partnering with the adjacent water utility, our combined firm water capacity would still allow us to serve an additional 800 new connections. This would leave sufficient capacity available to cover our anticipated growth for the next 20 years at our current growth rate of approximately 40 new connections per year. The volume of groundwater pumped from the Great Lakes Basin water aquifer would be neutral since every gallon sold to the City is less gallons the City would need to pump from their proposed well.

The cost savings comes from the shared use of the existing treatment infrastructure rather than the construction of duplicate and unnecessary facilities. The Algoma Water Utility reviewed this project to verify it would be advantageous for both our existing and future water customers as well as the City and their customers.

This project has already gained the support of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR), and the Public Service Commission (PSC) is also excited to see this alternative potentially come to fruition. These two agencies approve all major water utility construction projects and strongly support this type of collaboration. This project may even be eligible for financial support through loan principal forgiveness (a grant) toward the construction cost of the watermain, which would generate even more savings for all customers. Algoma Water Utility staff will continue to work tirelessly to pursue this beneficial partnership.

Please click here for a copy of the proposal as well as the map of the proposed watermain extension.


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