Plumbers, excavators and contractors work directly with the Algoma Sanitary District to help meet the sanitary sewer needs of their residential and commercial customers. The Algoma Sanitary District assists with permits and inspections and can answer questions related to installing sanitary sewer service. If you have questions, simply contact us.


Need a Sanitary Sewer Permit?

All contractors must visit the Algoma Sanitary District office to apply for a sanitary sewer permit. The cost of the permit is $150 and is due at the time of application, along with the Contribution in Aid of Construction (CAC) charge. The Algoma Sanitary District requires a 24-hour notice prior to the start of an excavation and an Algoma Sanitary District operator must be present for the entire sanitary sewer line excavation. In order to begin excavation, a contractor must have the following information on file:

  • Current Certificate of Liability Insurance
  • Current $5,000 Special Permit & License Bond

 Are you planning a sanitary sewer project? Please notify the Algoma Sanitary District office at (920) 426-0335. We’d be happy to help.


Property Developers

We require individuals and companies who wish to develop land in our district to enter into a Developer’s Agreement with the Algoma Sanitary District. This agreement helps ensure sanitary sewer and municipal water service installation planning is accurate when platting new subdivisions. Please contact us for more information.