Water Connection Information

When a property owner wants to connect to the municipal water system, they must first determine if their property has a municipal water service valve installed by viewing the Water Availability Map. You can also search existing water service availability by address or by tax roll ID.

If municipal water is available to your property, simply complete the following steps:


1.     Hire a contractor to install the water service pipe
A contractor will install the water service pipe from the municipal service valve to your home or business. It’s important for the contractor to install the correct size service pipe to serve your property. The size of your water lateral is determined by your plumber when completing the water calculations form for your parcel. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.


2.     Hire a plumber to install the water meter
The municipal water connection permit fee is $40. The water meter will only be released to a licensed plumber, who will install the water meter and MUST provide water calculations to the Algoma Water Utility prior to inspection. Your plumber is also responsible for verifying that no cross connections exist between the residential well and the municipal water system.


3.     Schedule an Inspection
The Algoma Water Utility requires a 24-hour notice to inspect both the exterior hook up and the interior connection. After inspection, we will turn on water service for your property. The licensed plumber you selected is required to be onsite during the water turn-on and inspection.


Do You Have a Private Well?

An Algoma Water Utility resident that is connected to the municipal water system that does not abandon their private well must obtain a well permit to continue utilizing their private well.

Private Well Abandonment Procedures

If a resident chooses to abandon a private well and move to municipal water, a licensed driller or pump installer must perform the abandonment and complete the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resource’s well abandonment form. The form must be submitted to the Algoma Water Utility office within 10 business days of the abandonment completion. If you have questions or concerns about the well abandonment process, please contact us.

Well Abandonment Resources

There is a cost associated with abandoning an existing private well. The following is a list of grant and cost share programs that can help off-set the monetary cost associated with well abandonment:

Residential Private Well Permit Process

If you decide to keep your private well, you must obtain a $40 well operation permit from the Algoma Water Utility. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources requires:

How to obtain a well permit

Please Note: An inspection by a licensed well driller or pump installer is required every 10 years.