Need to Connect to an Existing Municipal Water Service Valve?

If you are a contractor looking to install municipal water to service a home or business, the Algoma Water Utility can help make the installation quick and efficient. Contact us to get started.

Obtaining the Right Water Meter

The municipal water connection permit fee is $40. A water meter will only be released to a licensed plumber once municipal water calculations and a fixture listing are provided to the Algoma Water Utility. A contracted plumber is responsible for verifying that no cross connections exist between a residential well and the municipal water system which a Water Utility Operator inspects upon turning on the municipal water service valve.

Do you have questions about municipal water supply calculations? Contact us, and we’ll be happy to help.

Schedule an Inspection


You must schedule a water meter inspection with the Algoma Water Utility, and the licensed plumber selected must be onsite during the inspection. We require a 24-hour notice to inspect both the exterior hook-up and the interior connection, and to pressure test the lateral to verify there are no leaks. If there are no issues with the connection, we will turn on the municipal water service valve.