Overview of Sanitary Sewer Services

Algoma Sanitary District has established contractual agreements with two wastewater treatment plants to provide sanitary sewer services for our residents. The wastewater from the Town of Algoma and City of Oshkosh is treated by the City of Oshkosh, and the Town of Omro wastewater is treated by the City of Omro.

Sanitary Sewer Billing Schedule

Town of Algoma and Town of Omro residents are billed sewer user fees for the upcoming year on their property tax bill. Residents in the City of Oshkosh receive one bill by mail in late January for the entire year.

Your 2019 sewer user fee for a single family home is on your 2018 property tax bill.

If you live in a condominium, please contact us for your annual sewer rate.

Sewer User Fee Breakdown

Base O&M
Treatment Cost*
Total Annual Charge**

Town of Algoma
+ 71.84
= $310.00

City of Oshkosh
+ 71.84
= $310.00

Town of Omro
+ 286.84
= $525.00

Sanitary Sewer Payment Options

We accept cash, checks and money orders, payable to Algoma Sanitary District. Your payment can be dropped off or mailed to the Algoma Sanitary District office. If you have questions, please contact us at (920) 426-0335. Please note we do not accept credit or debit card payments at this time.

Algoma Sanitary District Projects

Sanitary Sewer Sump Pump Inspections

Does your sump pump discharge clear water into the sanitary sewer system? If so, it is costing you additional money each year. Clear water inflow is a serious and expensive problem that increases the sanitary flows we pump to our regional wastewater treatment plants. If the District could eliminate all of the infiltration/inflow sources, we could save utility rate payers more than $70,000 annually in treatment charges, or approximately $23 per sanitary sewer connection per year.

The Algoma Sanitary District  schedules  sump pump inspections at homes and businesses in the District upon water turn on for new construction or when a sump pump is found to be discharging into the sanitary sewer system. A sump pump inspection takes approximately 10 minutes and our Operators are easily identified by an Algoma Sanitary District truck, uniform and name badge. The operator will need access to the sump pump and discharge pipe. After the inspection is complete, you will receive written confirmation of whether the property sump pump is discharging properly or needs to be removed from the sanitary sewer system.

Sanitary Sewer Infiltration and Inflow Reduction Project

On average, a residential home discharges approximately 200 gallons of sewage per day down the drain. As this sewage exits the home, it is no longer a concern of the homeowner; however, the Algoma Sanitary District is responsible for safely and cost effectively transferring the sewage to a regional wastewater treatment plant.

The Algoma Sanitary District completed a five-year project of inspecting and repairing the entire sanitary sewer collection system to reduce sanitary sewer infiltration and inflows. The District has discovered and repaired multiple sewer laterals that were leaking. Our goal is to remain one of the lowest cost providers of sanitary sewer services in the Fox Valley. The Algoma Sanitary District will continue to maintain low rates if we can:

  1. Eliminate ground water infiltration through cracks, breaks or loose castings.

  2. Eliminate illegal inflows by verifying all sump pumps discharge clear water into storm ditches, not the sanitary sewer system.

If you have questions about any of these projects, please don’t hesitate to contact us.